These Legal Documents Can’t be Emailed and Need to be Couriered

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While even your legal documents can often be sent to relevant parties using email or fax these days, sometimes only a print copy or the original will do.

The management of these documents can have very important consequences for you or those close to you–the need for the original is a good indication of their significance–so it is important that you handle them correctly. Here are three types of life-altering legal documents that can’t be sent by email.

1. Passport Documents

Your passport is a symbol of freedom, leisure, and excitement. Your first adult passport must be applied for either in person or by mail. You will need to ensure that you send the completed application and appropriate supporting documents as outlined by the government of Canada.

2. Estate Documents

The authenticity of a will is paramount, so the original document is often required. As Canadian Living explains, only the original can be presented in court, so if you need to send your will or that of someone in your life somewhere for legal reasons, you will need a courier.

3. Immigration Documents

If you are immigrating to or planning to extend a stay in Canada, getting the application process right could affect the rest of your life. While some immigration applications can be applied for online now, others remain paper-based.

While the government is now accepting visitor visa applications, work and study permit applications, Express Entry permanent residence applications, and Interim Federal Health Program applications online, many programs require that a hardcopy be mailed to a case processing centre. Spousal sponsorships and sponsorships of parents or grandparents are included in those applications that must still be mailed physically.

Similarly, according to Citizen and Immigration Canada, when submitting an application for a permanent residence card, completed applications and the supporting documentation must be mailed to the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Even urgent applications (for those leaving Canada to travel) must be mailed.

The delivery of these documents can be highly time sensitive, whether you are dealing with travel plans, inheritance issues, or immigration concerns. If you need a courier who will deliver your legal documents quickly and securely, consider Power Link Expedite.

Looking for a Reliable Courier Service to Ship Legal Documents?

If you constantly handle legal documents, then you probably know that such documents should be couriered as opposed to sending them via regular mail. At Power Link Courier, we assist countless businesses achieve their needs through our state-of-the-art technology, experienced drivers, and high quality customer service.  For over 15 years, we have shipped legal documents across the GTA, Canada and to the US.

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