Richmond Hill Courier Services

Richmond Hill Courier Services

When you need a quick and reliable delivery in Richmond Hill, Power Link is the Richmond Hill courier you can count on. We know that an in-depth knowledge of the streets and traffic of Richmond Hill and surrounding cities is critical to getting your delivery there on time, and each of our couriers are exceptionally familiar with the area, knowing which routes will be quickest at any hour of the day.

Through leveraging GPS and real-time P.O.D. technologies, each of our Richmond Hill couriers are constantly connected with our dispatch centre, ensuring that we make your delivery as efficiently as possible. Utilizing the GPS tracking systems, we are able to locate and deploy the closest driver to your pickup location, ensuring a speedy response time. The GPS tracking technology transmits notifications of estimated time of travel to our clients so you will know when your package arrives.

Our fleet has a wide array of vehicles to accommodate any of your shipping needs, from irregularly shaped items and refrigerated goods to large skids. Regardless of the industry and its unique shipping requirements, we have the services and the equipment to provide the right shipping solution for you.

GTA pricing applies to all courier services in Richmond Hill.

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