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Extended ServicesEvery business has its own needs, and Power Link can provide a customized solution to meet your unique requirements. Flexible and cost-effective, Power Link is available for scheduled routes and recurring shipments such as mail runs, bank runs, and inter-office deliveries.

Expecting a surge in business? Power Link also offers fleet outsourcing and supplementary solutions. We can provide dedicated vehicles or fleets for your ongoing needs, or we can act as a back-up or extension for your current fleet.

When you take advantage of our extended services, your shipments are in the hands of professionals. We know how valuable your time and energy are, so we pride ourselves on acting as a seamless extension of your business.

We offer:

  • Scheduled ongoing route deliveries, mail or bank runs
  • Custom courier services
  • Dedicated vehicles or fleets
  • Back-ups or extensions of your current fleet
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