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Our Experience

Our Experience It’s said that is takes ten thousand hours of practice to become an expert. As Power Link stands on nearly fifteen years of experience in providing peace of mind to our customers, we’re proud to be known as shipping professionals.

When we see our clients return time and time again, forging long-term relationships with us, we know we’re doing something right. And we’re pretty sure that something is a not-so-secret formula: we combine our experience and an understanding of our clients’ needs with genuine consideration for the processes that will benefit them the greatest. The result? Our clients know they can ship with confidence with us as valued and reliable business partners.

But our not-so-secret formula for successful shipping experiences isn’t easy to imitate. Unlike many other shipping companies, each of our team members, including our drivers, has multiple years of experience in providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. Experience gives us the unique ability to quickly assess our customers’ delivery need as well as anticipate potential issues, so we can confidently recommend the best and most cost-effective delivery solution for each situation.

Ultimately, the difference this makes is huge. Our clients’ businesses run smoother, and better efficiency means they experience better relationships with their clients and a better bottom line at the end of the year. It’s why we keep doing what we do, providing excellent service for you.

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